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Tomb Raiders 2

I've really enjoyed Tomb raiders and I can't wait for our Outcome which is a museum Can't give any thing away  it's gonna be a good one so come along and Enjoy the museum in the school hall opens 2.30 Thursday afternoon that is the 18/7/19!


Sports Day 2019

I really enjoyed Sports day this year because of the results. I didn't  win a race sadly though I came 3rd in the bean bag shuttle 2nd in the sprints

and 2nd in the relay. It was also a special day for me because of these final Results

4th Sqrirrels

3rd Foxes

2nd Hedgoges

1st Badgers

I was really pleased for My sister PS. She won The dress up races the sprints and Badgers came third in the Teddy bear relay.



sports day

I like sports day because we do a lot of racesyeslaughmy favourite race is the relay this year foxes won it.




spaghetti towers

On step up day we made spaghetti and marshmallow brigdes that had to fill a gap of 30cm. Ours filled 30 cm but collapsed after 20 seconds. It was called sticky icky bridge. Apparently, Mr Price said that ours was the best because we had just stuck marshmallows every where. IT WAS SO FUN. I WONDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT YEAR?laughHAVE FUN.

Death Masks


In Autumn class we are painting death masks ours is thin but it needs more work. 

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